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European Summer 2024! Back to NZ in October 2024

Hey Shredders!!

I’m off to Europe for the next 5 months! Time for some travel, adventure, surfing, and of course, wakeboarding!!!

The first part of my trip is all about adventure, starting in London and joining a Top Deck Tour for the month of May to see a huge chunk of Europe. Then I’m off to Amigo’s Surf Camp on the North Coast of Spain for a week of fun in the waves!

In June I’ll be settling back into work, and finally get stuck into some wakeboarding! I will be returning to one of my favourite spots to wakeboard - Sidewake Wakeboard School in Portugal! Sidewake is where I trained for Worlds in 2023, and I’m incredibly excited to be going back.

In August I might try my luck in a couple of the competitions in France and Germany. I also hope to head back up to Latvia for more training with my friends Alise and Uli at WakeUp Academy, just outside of Rīga!

In September I will head back to the Southern Hemisphere for the WWA World Champs on the Gold Coast and reunite with my family and kiwi friends :)

If you would like to follow along on my travels, follow my instagram @morganhaakma and download the ‘Polarsteps’ app where you can follow my travels more closely (if you’re interested):

Ciao for now! See you guys next kiwi summer!!

Morgz xx

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